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taking action with us.

Join us as we launch the X Genesis One Program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, yet again, that wicked problems put our companies, cities, and all of humanity at risk. Addressing them requires a radically different approach. If we’re going to rise to the challenge at hand, we need to engage entrepreneurs who can move at lightning speed to solve novel problems in novel ways.

Beginning May 26th, we will host a 4-week virtual program to catalyze entrepreneurs to launch new ventures that tackle wicked problems connected to COVID-19. We will hand-select a cohort of experienced entrepreneurs and surround them with subject matter experts and talented professionals to vastly accelerate their learning process as they explore and pursue new opportunities. Click here to download a one-pager with more information about the program.

Our target problems.

We will challenge entrepreneurs to develop solutions in the areas of:

  • The Future of Health

    • Building to safeguard health care workers

    • Building for longevity

    • Building to meet basic needs

  • The Future of Work

    • Building an adaptable workforce

    • Building for security

    • Building physical spaces

  • The Future of Learning

    • Building for the learner

    • Building for equity  

Why You

You’ve seen the impact of the pandemic, and recognize the magnitude of the problems at hand. You understand that entrepreneurs will have a key role to play in addressing the landscape of new challenges that have appeared, and are ready to answer the call by supporting entrepreneurs to do just that in the context of COVID-19 and beyond.

How you can participate.

There are several ways you can support the program:

  • Participate as an entrepreneur (prospective CEO), a subject matter expert (validator), or skilled professional (ninja).

  • Define and sponsor problems that directly impact your organization in order to leverage the attention and focus of entrepreneurs to create new ventures in those areas.

  • Gain an equity stake in the new ventures by investing in the micro-fund that will support the program and companies.

  • Become a presenting sponsor by providing other in-kind or financial support.

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